Kissing The Witch

This lineup began recording sessions in 2008 for "Fun Is A Four Letter Word", an album that mustered their collective experience in music. While recording, the band was interviewed and featured on a Greek TV show and appeared in a compilation CD.

They were also featured and interviewed for the documentary, “Back in Black, Vol. I - History is Made by the Bands”, which was produced and directed by George Kagialedakis and Rag Films. It described the underground music scene and its survival within a seemingly under-appreciative industry.

In addition to performing with the band, Pougounas conducted the musicians’ interviews, performed vocals for the Rag songs, 

(©2014 May - Photo by Giorgos Kexagias)

With a new life breathed into the band, they immediately hit the studio where the creative spirit of this new line up is geared up with new ideas, concepts, and true-to-form, more new tracks. Stay tuned for MUCH more to come!

​For the second consecutive year, New Zero God also teamed up with Club Gothika of the World Goth Fair at Second Life.  The annual fundraiser, sanctioned and run by the originators of World Goth Day, is a two-week event to raise funds for the UK's Sophie Lancaster Foundation (S.O.P.H.I.E.).  During that year's event, the New Zero God logo was used on virtual hoodies for avatars, sold exclusively in the gachas on the sims.  Proceeds of all sales went to S.O.P.H.I.E., and the event was held from May 15 through June 01, 2014.

To A Destination Unknown... Hoist The Sails...

Hoist The Sails


A few more gigs and a new European distributor later it was announced that the New Zero God lineup would be changing as Steves and Takos would be embarking on their own new journeys.  

The band welcomed their two newest members, Mike 'Jabbar' Tzavaras (ex-Flowers Of Romance) on drums, and Akis Nikolaidis (ex-The Illusion Fades) on guitars.

During this same transitional period, New Zero God signed on with the German firm Agentur EAM Event and Artist Management.  EAM will work in conjunction with the already-partnered Deadfall Management of the UK.

RELEASE LINEUP - "Short Tales & Tall Shadows"

MIKE POUGOUNAS – Vocals & Keyboards



BABIS EFTHIMIOU – Drums and Programming​


MIKE POUGOUNAS – Vocals & Keyboards

(©2013 November - Photo courtesy of Georges Lambrou)

The New Year was greeted with an international collaboration in the making of the video for "Destination Unknown".  Several friends of the band joined forces to take "The Ball" into their homes so they could share the sites and sounds of their hometowns. The ball's journey through Athens, Thessaloniki, Germany, the UK, and the USA was recorded for the D-I-Y production.  (Click HERE for video at YouTube.)

In keeping with the charitable spirit of New Zero God's effort to make at least one significant contribution each year, on January 29, 2014, the band took part in the "Festival To Benefit M.K.I.E.".  The event was organized by Mike Pougounas through The Greek Underground Scene with the specific aim to gather medications for those less fortunate through the Μητροπολιτικό ΚοινωνικόΙατρείο Ελληνικού (M.K.I.E.).  Hosted and sponsored by Holy Wood Stage [Athens], The Greek Underground Scene, and tribe4mian, performances were made by New Zero God, The Illusion Fades, Penny Dreadful, Stonemouth, and Μαύρες Κωμωδιε​ς.

On the 4th of February, 2014, New Zero God conducted their first semi-acoustic on-air LIVE performance on the Global Crimes Radio Show at On this same day it was announced that the band had made it into the Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards "Dark Album of the Year 2013" top 22 finalists, placing in the top 11 of 22 final contestants for their album "MMXIII".  Tomaz of Terra Relicta stated, "Greek masters of post-punk and goth rock New Zero God entered the finals as an outsider in the 'write in vote' category. But, they certainly deserve the place among the elite!”

Oddly enough, the following day brought the re-release of "MMXIII", the revisited and remastered Greek release by B-Otherside Records.  The Greek label release was remastered by the illustrious Chris Manolitsis and included the bonus track, "In Dreams We Trust - Rat Mix" which was remixed by Panos "The Rat" Christoforou. 

After a close battle, The Terra Relicta voting polls closed on the 1st of March, 2014, where it was announced that New Zero God's "MMXIII" finished amongst the Top 10, placing 9th for the Dark Album of the Year 2013.

(©2012 November - Photo courtesy of Georges Lambrou)

Le Freakshow

Once again, the band was on tour and in-studio.  On July 4, 2012, New Zero God saw the release of "Club Bizarre" [Secret Sin Records, UK]. This 7-track Limited-Edition Collector's EP was released with hand-made packaging, a hand-numbering of pieces, and had a limited production of 100 copies. It also came with autographed inlays by the band members of New Zero God and featured the new exclusive UK-release track, "Widow's Walk.”

Following on the heels of their UK release, on August 1, 2012, the band announced the arrival of their newest guitarist and band member, Lao, who was a Flowers Of Romance member from 1985 to 1990, having been the original guitar player of the songs 

The Very Strangest Of Fruits

During June of 2010, Michael Christou (ex-Panx Romana) joined the folds as a second guitarist and made his debut performance at the Block 33 Local Delights Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece. When B-Abyss and E-Raptor left to further pursue their own band in December of 2010, Harris Stavrakas signed on as bassist, much to the delight of fans from The Flowers Of Romance days. This new line-up of Pougounas, Steves, Christou, and Stavrakas exploded on stage during their first performance in January 2011. 

The band members spent years working with prolific artists from around the globe and developed a dedicated fan base that began in Greece and soon spread throughout Europe and abroad.​  Pougounas and Chatziantoniadis stemmed from Greece’s greatest gothic rock band, The Flowers Of Romance, which had worked with The Mission UK, The Sisters of Mercy, and New Model Army, amongst others.

Once The Flowers Of Romance broke up, Chatziantoniadis sessioned for Peter Green and Jeff Healey. Pougounas then formed Nexus and drafted Sidheog and Spanos for a seven year stint which included opening for longtime pals, The Mission UK. Sidheog was a founding member of The Drops (a darkwave band who had shared the stage with Christian Death).

After Spanos and Chatziantoniadis left to pursue solo careers, a brief time-off followed.  During that time Pougounas provided vocals for longstanding compadres, Rag, and Sidheog drummed for the revamped Dutch band, Mecano.  As work on New Zero God resumed, Babis (B-Abyss) Diakoumeas and Elias (E-Raptor) Raptis took over bass and guitar duties respectively.   This led to a string of gigs, including opening for The Legendary Pink Dots and, once again, for Christian Death.

In March 2006, four established musicians met to talk about their musical experiences. After a few drinks and a long journey down memory lane these performers thought it would be fun to play together again. Many beers, several practice sessions, and plenty of ideas later the musicians created something new. They created New Zero God, a band that combined goth, darkwave, and post punk genres to make a sound that was uniquely their own.  Though the band was still fairly fresh, the members of New Zero God had been internationally recognized for decades. 

New Zero God was formed by singer Mike Pougounas (ex-The Flowers Of Romance, ex-Nexus), drummer Dimitris “Sidheog” Steves (ex-Nexus, ex-The Drops), bassist Costas Spanos (ex-Nexus), and guitarist Averkios Chatziantoniadis (ex-The Flowers of Romance).


(©2006 - December 29 - Photo by Michael Christou)

And I'll Follow The Wind... I'll Be Guided By Stars...

BIOGRAPHY​ [...The Written Record Of Time...]

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“Kashmir” and “Autumn Kids.” With Lao’s entry into the band, this new line-up was almost identical to The Flowers Of Romance line-up during their 1985-1987 era and set in motion a new appreciation and expectation from New Zero God.  

On September 28, 2012, New Zero God wrapped up filming for their appearance in the movie, “Athens Drift”, a UK film release by Paul Druce.  This was not the debut acting performance of New Zero God nor of their vocalist.  In addition to the band’s feature in the “Back in Black” documentary, Pougounas also wrote, directed, and appeared in “Vlad the Demon”, his first experiment in independent film back in 1986.  The comedic 9-minute short film paid homage to 1920’s horror expressionism and was rediscovered in 2008 by Rag Films.  After sound manipulation, Pougounas won a directorial award for “Vlad the Demon” at The 10th Independent Panorama of International Film and Video Makers, Patras City, 2008.

New Zero God released their third album, "MMXIII", their second through UK label Secret Sin Records, on the 13th of January, 2013.  The Latin-numeral album title appropriately cited its release date and came with 10 tracks steeped in guitar-driven Gothic/Post Punk. It was recorded in Athens, Greece, during June through November 2012, and was mastered in the UK. 

The band began touring in February, 2013, starting in their native city of Athens.  During this same month, New Zero God signed on with Deadfall Artist/Band Management, UK.

On the 25th of March, 2013, the band released their third annual charity contribution song. Teaming up with symphonic power metal vocalist Maxi Nil (Visions of Atlantis, ex-Elysion, ex-On Thorns I Lay) on backing vocals, New Zero God released their single, "The Night Calls Your Name", a Special Edition Charity Fundraiser for the UK-based Sophie Lancaster Foundation (S.O.P.H.I.E.) with all artist proceeds going directly to S.O.P.H.I.E. 

That same year, while continuing to tour Greece, Pougounas participated in a project called ‘The Global Goth Collective’. He provided additional vocals for the David Bowie international cover track “Everyone Says Hi” for the benefit of the UK's Sophie Lancaster Foundation (S.O.P.H.I.E.).  

One month later, New Zero God found themselves on Dominion Magazine’s UK radio charts for June and July. Their hit track "Kiss The Witch" also earned the spot of "Video of the Week" at Dominion.

As 2011 drew to a close, the band continued touring and teamed up with several other international musicians under the name 'New Zero God & Friends' to record the song, "Second Chance”, which was written by Pougounas and Steves. On December 22, 2011, the song was released as a Special Edition Charity Fundraiser single to benefit the American foundation, H.A.W.C. (Healing Abuse, Working for Change).  “Second Chance” remained at the #1 spot on the USA’s CD Baby ‘Goth’ and ‘Glam’ charts for the whole of January, 2012.

"My Life" and "Rock'n'Roll Puppet", and played the keyboards on the song "From Hell", which appeared on the documentary's soundtrack.  The film spent the latter part of the year touring the international film circuit.

During the fall of 2009, on the same day that New Zero God finished recording their debut album, they were offered a record deal with Puzzlemusik Records [Greece].

“Fun Is A Four Letter Word” was digitally released in October, 2009, and was physically released in January, 2010.  With the merging of these musicians, their influence and fan base expanded even further. Their debut album received rave reviews from critics within Europe and as far away as the Americas and Australia. Their global success was featured in prominent publications such as the UK’s “Dominion Magazine” and international UK magazine "Terrorizer", the USA's "Lollipop Magazine", "Carpe Nocturne", and Los Angeles magazine “Muen”.  They also appeared in UK author, journalist, and photographer Mick Mercer’s “Music to Die For:  The International Guide to Today’s Extreme Music Scene” (2009).

​Hits from the band's debut album appeared in acclaimed compilations such as the UK's "The Blackout Crypthology", Germany's "Gothic Vision III" (released through Echozone), and the UK's "Devolution Magazine", amongst others.  Their mega hit "Kiss The Witch" was being used on "X-Player", a production of SKAI TV [Greece], during the opening and closing credits and was woven into the entire fabric of the show.

(©2011 April 07 - Photo by Alex Primikyris)
(©2007 December  07 - Photo by Michael Christou)

Destination Unknown

On July 17, 2013, New Zero God announced their newest guitarist, Apostolos "MadzTuxedo" Takos (ex-The Drops). Tolis brought with him a breath of new air and creativity. Ironically, the band now consisted of two Flowers Of Romance members and two The Drops members, both bands which had stood their ground to that day.

​Never tiring of the artistic hunger of expression, New Zero God digitally released their third single, "Destination Unknown" on October 18, 2013.  This two-track release served as a prelude to their limited-edition coloured vinyl collector's single under the same title, which was released on 13 December, 2013. Side A featured the track, "Destination Unknown", with "Forever Today" on the B flip-side.

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