Destination Unknown
Destination Unknown

I had enough of all your teaching
What is bad and what is good
I’d trade this life tomorrow
For a pirate’s life. 

With the law in my shadow
And the open seas ahead
My rum, my gun, and lovers
Will wait in every port… 

Hoist the sails… 
To a new way of life
Destination unknown
All I want is to be free.

Hoist the sails… 

And I’ll follow the wind
I’ll be guided by stars
To a destination unknown…
Hoist the sails… 

The skies, might fall down
And the seas, might dry out
The Earth, might stop spinning,
But till this day comes…

I’ll be hoisting my sails…

New Zero God ["Destination Unknown" - ©2013]
Lyrics by:  Mike Pougounas
Music:  Apostolos Takos & Mike Pougounas

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