Forever Today

I found the letter that you wrote.
I put it away and left the house.
I ran for the bus but I didn’t catch it
As it was driving away I thought I saw you. 

People walk by
I smell your perfume on other women
People walk by
They talk and talk but I don’t hear what they say… 

There’s a new movie with your name in the title.
I saw it as I passed a theater nearby.
I was at work on time but the boss was having
one of those days
Bitching and moaning ‘bout the usual stuff… 

Do you remember?
Do you remember the guy from the office?
Do you remember?
He lost his job and I think I am next… 

When I came home.
I opened your letter.
When I came home.
I saw what you wrote: 

“I’ll love you – Forever.
I love you – Today
I’ll love you and that’s forever 
I love you – just for today…”

New Zero God ["Destination Unknown" - ©2013]
Lyrics by:  Mike Pougounas
Music:  Harris Stavrakas
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