Whores and angels
In rose gardens they walk
Holding hands while others gawk
Lips sealed, only eyes talk

My guardian angel 
Flew away
To join a clan of long lost souls
A chain of broken down angels

Wings’ve been hidden
Plans’ve been made
To break through heavens
Seeking revenge

They were discussing
This Battle for power
One night at the meeting 
When Lucifer spoke:

We are the underground
We’ll stay in the underground
There’s no caged way of life for us…

They are spoiled but we won’t be.
They are corrupted by their greed.
They are as damaged as they can be…

This is not me…

New Zero God ["MMXIII" - ©2012]
Lyrics by:  Mike Pougounas
​Music by:  Mike Pougounas and Harris Stavrakas
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