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  • 16 December Athens, Greece - Ilion Plus

  • 20 January Thessaloniki, Greece - Ypogeio
  • More T.B.A. soon...

New Zero God - Lineup - LIVE Events:

Mike Pougounas – Vocals and Keyboards
Mike Semertzoglou – Bass Guitars
Akis Nikolaidis – Guitars
John Psimopoulos – Drums

New Zero God - Release Lineup - Short Tales & Tall Shadows:
Mike Pougounas – Vocals and Keyboards
Harris Stavrakas – Bass Guitars
Akis Nikolaidis – Guitars
Babis Efthimiou – Drums and Programming​

​​Short Tales & Tall Shadows 
Produced by Mike Pougounas and Babis Efthimiou

"Short Tales & Tall Shadows" was released on CD on 15 March, 2016 and will be released as a
 limited-edition vinyl album in April, 2016.  

​Full details can be found HERE.

Click HERE for all videos at New Zero God's YouTube Page.

... Seeking Revenge

To Break Through Heavens...

We are the underground... We'll stay in the underground... There's no caged way of life... For us...

They are spoiled but we won’t be... They are corrupted by their greed...

They are as damaged as they can be... This is not me...

This is not me!

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Latest News & Events

SEPTEMBER 2017 - The Flowers Of Romance , live Project (Venues) 
Our first show will take place in Athens on Friday, 16 December, at  Ilion PLUS .

Our next show will take place in Thessaloniki on Saturday 20 January at the Ypogeio. More shows T.B.A.

JUNE 2017 - The Flowers Of Romance , live Project idea  

Summer is but a memory and Winter is Coming . The new season finds the band rehearsing an idea that we liked a lot. Between 1981 and 1998 Mike had a band called The Flowers Of Romance. They were one of the most successful Greek bands and opened for The Sisters of Mercy and New Model Army.
Adding to their credits, Wayne Hussey produced their album, “Brilliant Mistakes”. We came up with the idea of touring with The Flowers Of Romance songs.


A four track EP titled “Under the Influence of Captain Pan Iκatac” available only as a digital download that got some great reviews.
This four-track digital release includes the tracks: “Hell Bet On Me To Lose”, “Under The Radar”, “Shadow Of Wealth”, as well as the exclusive track “Shadow Of Wealth (Dark En Ciel mix)”.


Celebrate the building of your collection!  You can grab a copy of "Short Tales & Tall Shadows at the following locations:  Art Nouveau (Αραχωβης - Εξάρχεια) | Le Disque Noir (Θεμιστοκλέους 29 - Εξαρχεια) | Music Corner (Μπενακη και Πανεπιστημίου - Αθηνα) | Rock’n’Roll Circus (Σινα 21 - Αθηνα) | Rhythm (Μεταξά + Μπενακη - Εξαρχεια) | Record House (Ομήρου 46, Νεα Σμυρνη) | Ιμαντας (Σαρρή 46, Ψυρρή) | Off the Record (Αγ. Κωνσταντινου 13 - Πειραιάς) | Λωτός (Σκρα 7 - Θες/νικη).


In the next few days, "Short Tales & Tall Shadows" will be available on vinyl!  The track list and atmosphere will be a bit different from the CD and we believe you'll enjoy the variety the vinyl will offer.  More details to come!

Tune in tonight from 18:01 to 20:00 [UK] to 'Spins from the Bins' at Rock Radio UK where they'll be playing a track off of the "Short Tales & Tall Shadows" release! Click HERE to tune in.  Click HERE for the evening's event poster.


Songs of Yesteryear

Destination Unknown​

Hoist the sails... 

To a new way of life...

Destination Unknown..

Forever Today

I'll love you, forever... 
​​I love you, today... 

​I love you...

And that's forever...


They are spoiled but we won't be...
​They are corrupted by their greed...

They are as damaged as they

​can be...

​​Welcome To Our Website!

In March 2006, four established musicians met to talk about their musical experiences. After a few drinks and a long journey down memory lane, these performers thought it would be fun to play together again. 

​Many beers, several practice sessions, and plenty of ideas later, the musicians created something new. They created New Zero God, a band that combined goth, darkwave, and post punk genres to make a sound that was uniquely their own.

Though the band was still fairly fresh, the members of New Zero God had been internationally recognized for decades...

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